Lewis Business Media Ltd (LBM) was formed in February 2012 by the Lewis family. Based in Uckfield in East Sussex, the business is now a multi-platform media business operating in a number of B2B markets. It has grown rapidly from nothing to a substantial business employing 20+ people around the world and with a large network of contracted freelancers.
Lewis Business Media’s philosophy is all about reader engagement. We provide opportunities for our readers and users to enhance their knowledge and awareness and develop their companies and careers as appropriate across all the markets in which we operate.

These opportunities range from live events, such as awards, round-tables, conferences and exhibitions, though websites, newsletters, social media, on and off-line training programmes as well as traditional print media.

This business model then allows us to offer access to this engaged audience to our commercial partners

LBM operates with a combination of permanent and contracted freelance staff and has a wide network of writers, designers, salespeople, event managers and digital experts with experience in many different markets which it calls upon when required. This allows LBM to respond quickly and appropriately to clients’ needs whatever the industry and whatever the budget.





  • April LBM launched
  • August The Subpostmaster contract gained
  • Sept Pig World Acquired


  • Sept Weekly Tribune acquired


  • Jan One off publication for the Petrol Retailers Association
  • Feb First event Pig World Round table
  • May National Pig Awards Launched
  • July Petrol Retailers Association newsletter
    and Market review contract gained
  • Nov National Pig Awards 2014


  • March relaunch of Pig-World.co.uk website
  • August redesign of The Sub Postmaster magazine
  • September acquisition of International Arts Manager magazine
  • October acquisition of The Job Crowd book & website
  • Nov National Pig Awards 2015


  • May launch of www.poultrynews.co.uk website
    June acquisition of the trade and certain assets of Grove House Publishing, from Zinc Media, formerly Ten Alps Publishing. The acquisition includes:
  • Farm Business
  • Agronomist and Arable Farmer
  • Over the Counter
  • Pig and Poultry Marketing
  • The Cream Awards
  • The Food and Farming Awards
  • OTC Awards
  • The Pig and Poultry Marketing Awards
  • And all associated websites and sub-brands


  • January launch of www.aafarmer.co.uk website
  • January relaunch of www.overthecounter.news website
  • January launch of OvertheCounter Regional seminars
  • January launch of Pigs 2022 Conference
  • February launch of Poultry Business Magazine
  • May 2 OvertheCounter regional seminars – Preston & Taunton
  • June Pigs 2022 conference
  • September Poultry roundtable event on post BREXIT labour supply
  • September 2 OvertheCounter regional seminars – Leicester & Colchester
  • November National Pig Awards
  • November OvertheCounter Awards relaunch and held as National SQP Awards
  • December Food & Farming Industry Awards


  • January New website for TheJobCrowd launched
  • May Pig World redesigned
  • June New National Egg & Poultry Awards
  • September TheSubpostmaster redesigned
  • August Pig World round table on Antibiotic Usage Reduction
  • September OvertheCounter Regional CPD conferences – Gatwick & Peterborough
  • November National Pig Awards
  • November National SQP Awards
  • November Food & Farming Industry Awards


  • February – New supplement launched within Pig World – Feed
  • April – OTC regional CPD seminar – Thirsk
  • May – Pigs Tomorrow conference
  • OTC regional CPD seminar – Worcester
  • New supplement launched within Poultry Business – Feed
  • June – OTC regional CPD seminar – Exeter
  • OTC regional CPD – Carlisle
  • July – National Egg and Poultry Awards
  • July – Pig World round table on animal health
  • August – Poultry Business increased regularity to monthly – first ever August issue.
  • September – New supplement launched within Poultry Business – Feed
  • November –National SQP awards
  • November – National Pig Awards
  • December – Food & Farming Awards


  • January – Acquisition of Retail Destination portfolio from JLD Media
  • January – Acquisition of Foxhill Publishing – Pest magazine
  • March – COVID-19 lockdown implemented!
  • May – Pig World launches new supplement – Innovation
  • May – Poultry Business launches new supplement – Innovation
  • June – AAF launches new supplement – Innovation
  • July – Pig World round table on animal health
  • August – Poultry Business round table on animal health
  • September – Acquisition of Farm Contractor signed
  • November – 4 virtual awards ceremonies – National SQP Awards, National Pig Awards, National Egg & Poultry Awards and SCEPTRE
  • November – new Pest website launched
  • November – new Pest supplement – Innovation
  • November – National Pest Awards launched
  • December – new AAF website launched


  • January – Inaugural National Pest Awards launched
  • February – New AAF website launched
  • March – New Farm Contractor website launched
  • June – New Poultry News website launched
  • September – National Pest Awards takes place
  • September – Pigs Tomorrow conference
  • October – National Egg & Poultry Awards
  • November – Acquisition of PBW news from Pickwick Swales Limited
  • November – National SQP Awards
  • November – National Pig Awards
  • November – SCEPTRE Awards



  • November –Lewis Business Media sold its agricultural brands, Pig World, Poultry Business, Agronomist & Arable Farmer, Farm Contractor and Weekly Tribune and all their associated products and services to the Mark Allen Group on 01/ November 2023. The Lewis family continue to publish its remaining brands, including The SubPostmaster, PHU/PRA market report, Retail Destination, The Job Crowd, Pet Business World, Over the Counter, Pest and Hospitality Interiors.