LBM has taken responsibility for all aspects of The Subpostmaster from October 2015. The magazine and website have been completely redesigned and repositioned and the circulation increased dramatically. These developments offer access to a new retail channel.

The Post Office is the country’s largest independent retail branch network. With over 90% of the population living within one mile of a post office, these stores provide easy public access to essential services including mailing, access to cash and a whole range of convenience products and services.

This network has been in existence for many years but is generally unrecognised by suppliers, if not by consumers; and underdeveloped as a retail channel.

The Government is investing £2bn in a programme called Network Transformation which is being used to modernise these stores and develop their potential as retail outlets. This will result in major changes to the network and offers a major opportunity to all relevant suppliers.

Monthly magazine The Sub Postmaster is the well-established vehicle the NFSP has used for many years to communicate with its members. It has been completely relaunched from October 2015 by LBM as a magazine and website which educates and informs readers in all aspects of local small-shop retailing without losing its unique focus on Post office issues.

Network Transformation and the sea change it brings to this widely ignored market sector offers many opportunities for growth to any supplier in the sector, and The Sub Postmaster is the gateway to this exciting new market