Lewis Business Media Ltd (LBM) is delighted to announce that it acquired The Job Crowd and Top Companies from Keren and Natasha Mitchell on 26th October 2015.

The Job Crowd and Top Companies have undergone major growth and development and is now established as the go-to source of information for undergraduates and graduates looking for employment. The ‘Trip Advisor’ methodology of anonymous reviews by graduate employees of their employers has proved hugely popular amongst undergraduates, graduates and graduate employers and puts them together via the website and annual guide. LBM plans to build on this success and expand the offer to both sides, and will look to expand the business into other areas and other locations.

The Job Crowd and its associated brands will be run Simon Lewis, who becomes Managing Director of the new division, Lewis Business Media Jobs. As someone in his very early thirties who has (fairly) recent personal experience of a graduate training scheme at a major accountancy firm, coupled with 3 years’ media experience at LBM, he would seem to be an ideal choice.