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LBM produces the monthly magazine The Subpostmaster and its associated website LBM also has responsibility for selling and organising events for the NFSP and will be organising an exhibition at the conference in May 2016.


There are around 11,500 post offices in the UK. Subpostmasters are not Post Office employees, but instead have a contract with Post Office to provide services using their own premises and staff. They are independent retailers. Generally, subpostmasters receive a fixed payment from POL; this is topped up by a variable payment based on the number of transactions they carry out. Most subpostmasters run their post office business under the same roof as another retail business. In urban areas this is often a newsagent or stationery business. In rural areas it is typically a village shop. Subpostmasters sell a wide variety of products and provide many services to the community they support. A reader survey in October 2015 showed this range to be as follows:

Category Percentage stocking
Greetings cards 95
Stationery 89
Confectionery 70
Soft Drinks 67
Bagged snacks 55
Gifts/Novelties 54
Household goods/non-food 52
Tobacco 52
Lottery 51
Snacks 51
Ice cream 46
Newspapers and magazines 43
Dairy products 42
Chilled foods 38
Health and beauty products 37
Bakery products 36
Packaged groceries 35
Frozen food 34
Alcohol 31
Fresh Fruit and vegetables 29
Fast food/Food to go 23

And services provided include:

  • Postal services
  • Banking and mortgages
  • Bill payments
  • Benefits and pension encashments
  • Driving licence applications, car insurance and car tax
  • Passport applications
  • Bureau-de-Change and travel insurance
  • Telephone service, phonecards, mobile phone vouchers and E-top ups
  • Personal loans
  • Savings stamps
  • Home insurance
  • Postal orders and MoneyGram
  • Local travel tickets

These extensive lists demonstrate that this is a wide ranging and vibrant market with great potential for suppliers.

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